Okay, I admit it.  I’m superstitious.  I don’t walk under ladders, or step on a crack, and I never fly on Friday the thirteenth.  If I’m working on a book, and the writing is going well, I’ll continue to wear the same clothes until I hit a bump in my … Read More


How popular can beetles possibly be? You wouldn’t believe it. They’re a national addiction in Japan where beetles are more popular than dogs and cats.  Rhinoceros and stag beetles are considered “must have” pets for young Japanese boys are are passionate about collecting and fighting them. Bugs are more than … Read More

The Queen of Butterflies

“You’ve written a book about butterfly smuggling?” More than one friend has asked this question. Yes, my next book is about butterfly poaching. The title is Winged Obsession: The Pursuit of the World’s Most Notorious Butterfly Thief and will published by William Morrow next April. The story involves smuggling and … Read More

The Winged Obsession Blog…

…Or Why I Decided to Write a Nonfiction Book and (temporarily) Stop Killing People I started out writing magazine articles on endangered species. Then a book contract came along and, the next thing I knew, I had ten Rachel Porter mysteries under my belt. What could be more fun than … Read More