The Big Blog Hop

Tricia Tierney has been kind enough to ask me to participate in what has become known as a “blog tour” or “blog hop.”  Authors answer ten questions about a book they’re working on or one they’ve already written.  Then they tag another author to answer questions about their book.  Hopefully, … Read More

Fiction or Nonfiction: That is the Question

This book reads like a novel.  It must have been fictionalized.  You made up the dialogue, right? I’ve been hearing that a lot lately in regard to WINGED OBSESSION.  The answer is no: the events as told are absolutely true.  And no: Kojima said things that even I couldn’t have … Read More

Tossing Your Book Into The World

Authors spend a year—sometimes two or three—nurturing their book.  Then comes the moment when we finally have to let go and the book takes on a life of its own. Step away from the computer, lady, and no one will get hurt. Releasing a book is exciting and frightening both … Read More