I got my dog Josie when she was already 7 years old. We bonded from the moment we met. It was while I was on a working trip in Alaska. She was a smoke gray twelve-pound pooch with tons of attitude and fight. So much so that I sometimes think … Read More

The Big Blog Hop

Tricia Tierney has been kind enough to ask me to participate in what has become known as a “blog tour” or “blog hop.”  Authors answer ten questions about a book they’re working on or one they’ve already written.  Then they tag another author to answer questions about their book.  Hopefully, … Read More

Fiction or Nonfiction: That is the Question

This book reads like a novel.  It must have been fictionalized.  You made up the dialogue, right? I’ve been hearing that a lot lately in regard to WINGED OBSESSION.  The answer is no: the events as told are absolutely true.  And no: Kojima said things that even I couldn’t have … Read More

Things That Bug Me – Or – What The Bug?

I attended the Bug Fair at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History a few weeks ago and came home with a bunch of questions swirling around in my head.  Here are a few that beg an answer. 1.  Why does a pest control company sponsor the Bug Fair?  … Read More

Tossing Your Book Into The World

Authors spend a year—sometimes two or three—nurturing their book.  Then comes the moment when we finally have to let go and the book takes on a life of its own. Step away from the computer, lady, and no one will get hurt. Releasing a book is exciting and frightening both … Read More


I love the Internet.  I admit it.  I can find an apartment on Craigslist, rent a movie on Netflix and dream about meeting the perfect man on  I can even track down a replacement part for my near extinct refrigerator.  Forget about letting your fingers do the walking through … Read More

Japanese Porn – Or, You’ve Got To Be Kidding

Japan is a funny place.  So much is based on customs and formality. When and where do you take off your shoes?  What is an appropriate gift to give someone?  Is it proper to cross your legs in public? Then you trip across Japan’s adult video industry and WHAM!  Everything … Read More

The Yakuza – Or, What Do You Mean I Can’t Take A Picture?

“Please don’t take a photo!” I was scolded as I raised my camera. “Why not?  What’s the problem?” I stubbornly questioned. “I brought you here because you asked me to.  Not because I want to get into trouble.  Let’s keep walking.” Jeez.  It wasn’t like I was hauling some hulking … Read More


I love to live vicariously.  Writing about special agents with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service allows me to do that.  It’s not as if I don’t do enough exciting things in my own life.  But, let’s face it.  What are the chances that I’ll ever get to drive an … Read More