Japanese Porn – Or, You’ve Got To Be Kidding

Japan is a funny place.  So much is based on customs and formality. When and where do you take off your shoes?  What is an appropriate gift to give someone?  Is it proper to cross your legs in public? Then you trip across Japan’s adult video industry and WHAM!  Everything … Read More

The Yakuza – Or, What Do You Mean I Can’t Take A Picture?

“Please don’t take a photo!” I was scolded as I raised my camera. “Why not?  What’s the problem?” I stubbornly questioned. “I brought you here because you asked me to.  Not because I want to get into trouble.  Let’s keep walking.” Jeez.  It wasn’t like I was hauling some hulking … Read More

The Winged Obsession Blog…

…Or Why I Decided to Write a Nonfiction Book and (temporarily) Stop Killing People I started out writing magazine articles on endangered species. Then a book contract came along and, the next thing I knew, I had ten Rachel Porter mysteries under my belt. What could be more fun than … Read More