Your Tattoo or Mine?

Am I seeing things or do butterflies suddenly seem to be everywhere? I spot them on T-shirts, lunchboxes, pencil cases, notebooks, book bags, hairclips, dresses, plates, salt and pepper shakers, bathroom faucet handles, mosaic panels, bed sheets and even tablecloths. Have I possibly left anything out? Most likely. Butterflies have developed into a national passion.

Then there are butterfly releases. Boy, do we like to celebrate and what better way to express our joy than by tossing farm raised butterflies up in the air like fistfuls of winged confetti? We release them at weddings to celebrate landing a spouse, and after a divorce to celebrate dumping them. Butterflies are unleashed at fundraisers, graduations, sweet sixteen parties and bar mitzvahs. Don’t even get me started on funerals where the insects mystically transform into tiny tearful symbols. Hey, was that Uncle Charlie’s soul that just took off or did I see my karma flying by?

Even spas and spiritual centers have joined in the craze. Clients are told to whisper their innermost desires to a butterfly and then release it. Whadda ya know? Life is suddenly better. Butterflies must have some pretty strong wings to carry all that hefty spiritual baggage.

Most interesting to me are all the people who choose to have butterflies tattooed on their bodies. For some, the butterfly is a symbol of peace, for others it signifies freedom. I can’t tell you the number of women that run to have a butterfly etched on their shoulders, stomach, ankles or butt before the ink on their divorce papers is even dry.

Here are just a few celebrity icons that tout butterfly tattoos:

  • Drew Barrymore has one right beneath her belly button
  • Mariah Carey bears a butterfly on her lower back
  • Paris Hilton chose to have a butterfly tattoo between her shoulder blades
  • Dolly Parton discreetly has a butterfly fluttering on her chest
  • Julia Roberts eats, prays and loves with a butterfly on her lower back
  • Britney Spears flaunts a colorful butterfly leaving a vine on her left foot
  • Brandy, the singer, has a ring of butterflies on her shoulder to cover up a portrait of her ex
  • Caroline Kennedy has a small butterfly on the underside of her right forearm
  • Lea Michele (from the TV show GLEE) flaunts a butterfly on her right wrist and one on her right back hip

I admit it—peer pressure rules. I’m beginning to feel as if I should get one, too!

3 thoughts on “Your Tattoo or Mine?”

  1. I want one. I always have. My fear of needles prevents it — or has so far. And as I age, the fear of a droopy butterfly gives me second thoughts. But the small of my back where the skin never sags…

    I think I want one because they always make me happy. I think it’s impossible to watch a butterfly flitter about without feeling something positive.

    I’m eager to see how our relationship with this species is revealed once the book comes out. Can’t wait.

  2. Naw, Jessica, don’t get a tattoo. Just keep writing about butterflies etc! I can’t wait to read your April release. It sounds fascinating about a butterfly black market. Yikes!

  3. My niece just got a butterfly tattoo. When everyone has one, that’s the time to tell yourself – Don’t do it, Jessica!

    Congratulations, Jessica – great blog!


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